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A lot of people think travel is just plain expensive, but in reality there are incredible cruise deals happening all the time. They usually don’t last too long, and you have to act quickly. That can sometimes be a problem when a deal requires jumping on a plane tomorrow (how many people can do that?), but in fact most deals are for months in the future, giving you ample time to plan your schedule.As a dynamic travel agency, we can help you get those deals. 

As a member of the Dream Vacations network, I often get notified of specials that are just great deals. I will try to post the information weekly here at this website. Check back often.

I also have access to some some deals through groups that I am coordinating. You can be a part of that deal if you would like. Check out the offerings below.

Download the PDF and look it over. If you like it, then email me at or call at 941-952-8985 and we’ll make it happen.

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This button will show you the latest in cruise deals and resort deals. Check back often! Often times I can add even more to their value. If you have a question, ring me at 941-952-8985


Below are specials for your download. 

The title shows the cruise line offering the deal and the year. The date shows when the special expires. 


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