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Mike Horan, Owner

Hi folks, 

I'm Mike Horan and the owner of Sunset Chaser Travel. I spent 21 years in Education, followed by traveling all over the US and abroad as a team member for some of the best Educational Technology companies. During that time, my wife Mary Ann and my kids, Riley and Mike, would often visit the exciting places my work would take me to.

We also started our cruising history with Disney cruises back when my oldest was just five years old. I remember the day that Mickey had her and her friend light the Christmas tree. It was a magical memory.

Well from walking the wine groves in Sonoma, sailing the seas of the Caribbean, watching the sunsets in Hawaii, snowboarding the slopes of Breckenridge…it’s been an exciting journey. Now I would love to bring that experience to work for you.

My franchise, Sunset Chaser Travel, is part of World Travel Holdings. That is the largest travel company in the world. As a result, I have access to opportunities for your travel that you would never be able to see. Great perks that will make your trip that much better! I look forward to working with you to make your travel a life long memory.


Call me at 941-952-8985

My best to you,